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Trinity Taylor is the stage name of Ryan Taylor, a drag performer from Birmingham, Alabama. She is one of the 14 queens competing on the ninth season of RuPaul's Drag Race.


Season 9

"The body is here, bitches!"

Rupaul's Drag Race

Season 9

Episode one: Oh. My. Gaga! - For the main challenge, the girls had to compete in a charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent pageant, serving up a hometown look and a Lady Gaga look. For the hometown look, she chose a huge circular pop up with a theme park on it, representing Orlando, Florida. Her jumpsuit was designed to blend in with the pop up. Michelle Visage noted that this look didn't scream "Orlando" enough, and that the back of the look resembled an anus. For the Gaga look, she chose Gaga's American Horror Story: Hotel Countess Elizabeth look. She received praise from all judges for her look.

Episode two: She Done Already Done Brought It On - The girls were asked to split into teams and perform a Bring It On inspired cheer battle. Trinity performed well, and received positive feedback for both her performance and her runway look. She was in the top 3, but did not win.

Episode three: Draggily Ever After - The queens had to create a fairytale princess and a sassy sidekick. Trinity expressed annoyance at Valentina's win and became more determined to win the challenge. Trinity also opened up about the Pulse nightclub attack with the fellow queens. At the runway, Trinity's aquatic princess and comedic starfish sidekick received praise from the judges, leading to her winning the challenge.

Episode four: Morning Bitches! - Trinity was chosen for team captain as she had won the last challenge. However, as her team was disorganized, she was put into the bottom two and had to lipsync for her life against Charlie Hides. She was told to shantay after a high-energy performance against Charlie's lack of movement.


  • Trinity has had plastic surgery and doesn't feel the need to pad.
  • Trinity Taylor has the same first drag name of Trinity K. Bonet of Season 6 and same first real name as Ongina of Season 1.
    • Both Trinities had their name inspired by The Matrix's character "Trinity".
  • Some of Trinity's family members have had cancer and have passed.
  • Trinity and Cynthia Lee Fontaine are drag sisters.
  • Trinity won the National Entertainer of the Year pageant in 2014, with Alyssa Edwards as first alternate and Eureka O’Hara as second alternate.


  • "I call shade!"
  • "No, you're done because I'm gonna tell you why you're done"
  • "I went from a pancake, to a Kardashian."
  • "Aja's makeup is just really rough around the edges, but she comes off as confident. Does she know what she looks like? 'Cause if not, I need to tell her."
  • "You crazy, bitch. Thats some crazy shit." (about Valentina's La Virgen De Guadalupe candle)
  • "I can't wait to knock you out of your winner place". (About Valentina winning over her)
  • "Nobody wants to be the bridesmaids, everyone wants to be the bride". (About Trinity losing the challenge in Episode 3)


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