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Tatianna is the stage name of Joey Santolini, an American drag performer, hair stylist, make-up artist and performing artist from Falls Church, Virginia. He is best known for being a contestant on Season 2 of RuPaul's Drag Race.

Tatianna was revealed to be a contestant for the second season of RuPaul's All Stars Drag Race, where he was eliminated on episode 2. Due to a twist that occurred on episode 5, Tatianna returned to the competition alongside previously-eliminated queen; Alyssa Edwards.

She was eventually eliminated by Alaska in episode 6. Her elimination caused an uproar among fans and she is widely regarded as one of the breakout stars of All Stars 2.


Tatianna was known as one of the most controversial queens of Season 2 and was often complimented as the "prettiest" or "fishiest" of her season.

Tatianna was also often looked down on by her competitors in Season 2, especially Raven, for being one of the youngest queens and even the prettiest of the season.

Tatianna served glamour and fish, but was criticized for not having fashion-forward outfits and extravagant performances. However, she was highly praised and won the Snatch Game challenge for her Britney Spears performance. Other queens don't think she deserved the win.


Tatianna was eliminated on the ninth episode on Drag Race, "The Diva Awards".

The challenge was to come up with a lip-sync number to kick off the Diva Awards and create three distinct looks for the runway that represent the Diva Awards...

  • Look 1 - "Teen Diva Awards" – where the queens had to create a fashion-foward outfit that represents a teenager superstar. - This was Tatianna's best look according to the judges.
  • Look 2 - "Diva DC Press Awards" – where the queens had to serve some "executive realness" looks – Tatianna chose a Sarah Palin-type look.
  • Look 3 - "Diva Hollywood Extravaganza Awards" – Where the queens had to create a fashion-foward outfit to wear on the Red Carpet in Hollywood. A part of the challenge was to be interviewed by "The Freak Show's" James st. James in their hollywood outfits and how they feel to be in Hollywood.

According to the judges, most of Tatianna's looks were half-baked and did not stand out from her competitors, especially from Raven and Tyra Sanchez.

So Jujubee and Tatianna both fell into the bottom two and had to lip-sync for their lives to "Something He Can Feel" by Aretha Franklin. Tatianna unfortunately did not give the right feel to the song in the lip-sync and was outshined by Jujubee's energy during the performance, so Tatianna was sent home.

Drag Name Origin

Joey was one day browsing through his CD collections and found the artist "Tatyana Ali". Joey thought it was cute and stuck with "Tatianna" ever since.


Allstars 2

"Thank you."

Season 2

"*waves and smiles*"

Memorable Quotes

Season 2
  • "Thank you!"
  • "...Choices."
  • "Hey!"
  • "I'm sweet in the streets and you know, a freak in the sheets."
  • "I'll forgive but I won't forget the comments Sonique said, especially where she said "I'm not a threat". Well I am a threat now, because, I won, and you got sent home."
  • "Um, I don't think you're seeing that Tyra is a complete bitch."
  • "She has this Diva Attitude, like she's America's Sweetheart, but she's not." - In reference to Tyra
  • "You know you really shouldn't play the victim. It doesn't suit you, you don't do it well." To Tyra on the main stage.
  • "And I don't like you. Are you happy? I don't like you." - To Tyra
  • "Shut the **** up!" - To Tyra for obnoxiously singing while the girls were working on their wedding gowns
  • "Your outside is gorgeous Raven, but your insides are dark and nasty. And I don't like you."
  • "NO, I am not the Rebecca Glasscock of the second season."
  • "Think that I'm a door mat, think it, and when you find out a little bit more down the road, THINK WHAT YOU WANT!" - To Morgan McMichaels and Sonique

All-Stars 2

  • "Stupid bitch" - On her ad for her Tatianna's Tea Set
  • "Choices" - Reading her competitors
  • "See me with them hands" - Tatianna's Spoken Word on the All Stars Talent Show
  • "Cause baby boy what you see, isnt always the truth" - Tatianna's Spoken Word on the All Stars Talent Show
  • "Cause baby boy, I got all the same parts that you do" - Tatianna's Spoken Word on the All Stars Talent Show


  • Before gaining a full career in drag, Joey worked as a hair stylist.
  • Started doing drag in Middle School (beginning at 14 years old), as personally quoted on the show.
  • Was suspended multiple times throughout school due to beating up those who bullied her
  • Is 6'5" in heels.
  • Went to school in drag on big occasions, such as "Halloween", "Last Day of School" and "Homecoming"
  • Is really Black and Italian although mistaken for being Latino.
  • Lives and performs in Washington D.C.
  • Favorite diva is Britney Spears.
  • Favorite type of men are Latino men.
  • Does not want to be a transgender woman because she doesn't want a vagina or breasts, but has thought about it in the past.
  • Favorite colors are purple, black, and blue.
  • She is the first queen to be eliminated a total of 3 times within both the regular series and All Stars series.

Social Media

  1. Tatianna's Facebook
  2. Tatianna's Twitter
  3. Tatianna's Instagram

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