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Phi Phi O'Hara is the stage name of drag performer Jaremi Carey.

Drag Name Origin

She started as Phoenix Mathews. As a comic book buff, Phoenix from X-Men is the dream person she wants to be. She related to her as the person she has developed into today has risen from the bad times during her childhood. Her friends in Texas also said that she brought fire when she performs on the stage. Mathews is from Tersa Mathews. She then changed to Phoenix O’Hara after her drag mother Asia O’Hara. When she went on RuPaul’s Drag Race, there was already Phoenix on Season 3. The show asked what nickname she goes by, and when she moved to Chicago DiDa Ritz called her by many nicknames including Phi Phi. She thinks Phi Phi O’Hara sounds feminine and fierce.

Memorable Quotes

- During the Show

  • "You don't need RuPaul to be big. I can say for a fact that people knew who Phi Phi was before I got here. So I don't need RuPaul to say I'm sickening. I know I'm sickening. I don't need her to tell me that" - Untucked ep. 1
  • "I think it's so great that the Help" said Phi Phi, gesturing toward her black competitors, "can sit there and compete alongside me."- Episode 9 "Frock the Vote"
  • At least I am a Showgirl bitch, go back to Party City where you belong!
  • I don't wear blond!
  • I am NOT a force to be reckoned with!

Fun Facts:

• Phi Phi's behaviour was so intolerable with a large amount of viewers, a special Facebook page called "Phi Phi O'Hara, Sashay Away" was created for fans of the show to express their outrage that this contestant was still on the show. While most understand the need for 'drama' on a reality show, Phi Phi's antics were thought to have gone beyond competitive chiding and entered into abuse and hate mongering. She constantly yelled at other contestants, often complaining of what she perceived to be a lack of talent. As the show continued, the amount of disapproving fans grew. Never before in the history of RuPaul's Drag Race has one contestant been so overwhelmingly disliked.

• Deliberately sabotaged Jiggly's Dragazine entry by advising her to go serious (Jiggly's magazine was about Health and Fitness). Phi Phi admitted to Willam that he'd advised Jiggly to go serious with the dragazine because he knew Jiggly would mess it up. As a shocked Willam said, Jiggly's humor was his best asset. "Do you want to help pack his bags?" joked Phi Phi. Latrice Royale commented on Phi Phi's actions in one word: "shady!"

• During the "Frenemies" episode, Phi Phi attempted to bribe Latrice (with her trip that she won on the "Dragazine" competition) to sabotage her duo with Willam in the hope that Latrice would send Willam home during the "Lipsync For Your Life". It was later revealed that Sharon admitted to goading Latrice a little as well with Phi Phi, although no footage of this was actually shown.

• During "Frock The Vote" Phi Phi O'Hara attempted to use off color humor along with her parody of a young republican candidate, but ended up seriously offending Latrice Royale and DiDa Ritz. Guest judge Dan Savage asked Phi Phi which one of her fellow drag queens she'd choose as her running mate and why. "I think it's so great that the help" said Phi Phi, gesturing toward her black competitors, "can sit there and compete alongside me. So I'd definitely like to say, my help: DiDa Ritz!" As Phi Phi continued on her highly questionable way, Ritz could be seen mouthing her outraged response and Royale looked thunderous. Meanwhile, Savage's jaw literally dropped. "Did she just call me 'the help?'" asked Ritz. For her part, an angry Royale said "I'm from Compton. I'll whoop your a**!" At judges' table Phi Phi got some advice from Michelle Visage. "In order to land an off-color joke," she said. "It has to be funny. And that joke came across as offensive."

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