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Peppermint is the stage name of Agnes Moore, a drag performer from New York City, New York. She is one of the 14 queens on the ninth season of RuPaul's Drag Race and the first openly transgender woman to compete on the show.


Season 9

"Oh my gosh... Heeey!"

Rupaul's Drag Race

Season 9

Episode One: Oh. My. Gaga!"- For the main challenge, the girls had to compete in a charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent pageant, serving up a hometown look and a Lady Gaga look. For the hometown look, she did a Statue Of Liberty outfit, which represented New York City. For the Gaga look, she chose Gaga's David Bowie outfit. She was critiqued for not having very much detail.

Episode Four: "Good Morning Bitches!" - The girls were split into teams and had to do a morning show with Naya Riveria. Peppermint was chosen by Trinity to be on her team. Trinity and Peppermint were doing a segment together, opening the show. Peppermint stumbled on her words a lot whilst they were both playing on an idea that Peppermint had slept with Trinity's husband, which was called dark from the judges' panel and needed to be more "light-hearted". She was read on the runway for a bad outfit and this lead to her being placed in the bottom three but not lipsyncing as she was preferred in the show than the bottom two. In her episode recap on her YouTube channel, she admitted throwing away the outfit she wore for the runway as soon as she got home.

Episode Five: "Reality Stars: The Musical" - Peppermint was cast as Britney Spears in "Kardashian: The Musical", and was initially worried about how she'd pull a Britney impersonation off. Peppermint was in the top three of the challenge for making Britney funny, but she did not win.

Episode Six: "Snatch Game" - Peppermint chose to do Real Housewives of Atlanta star Nene Leakes for Snatch Game, and was confident about her impersonation due to her successful Britney Spears the week before. Peppermint became nervous and froze during Snatch Game, and did not deliver the impersonation she thought she could. In the workroom, Peppermint came out to the rest of the contestants as transgender, with them all supporting her and having her back. On the runway Peppermint chose to do the look from Madonna's "Material Girl" video, which was repeated by Shea Coulee. She was also judge due to the fact, she has been wearing pink for the past weeks and not a different color. Her runway and performance landed her in the bottom two against Cynthia Lee Fontaine. Peppermint's lip-sync skills and 90's inspired dance moves managed to keep her in the competition.


  • Peppermint is the first queen to enter the werkroom on Season 9.
  • Although other previous contestants have come out as transgender during or after filming, Peppermint is the first queen to enter as an openly trans woman.
  • Peppermint, along with Aja, Alexis Michelle, and Sasha Velour, was interviewed for getoutmag and had to serve a Broadway themed look, her doing Kinky Boots. [1]
  • When Peppermint got her callback for the show, she thought that the caller was her one of her girlfriends, and immediatly said "What's up bitch, keep telling me".


  • "I got it going on"
  • "I. Can. Not. Be-lieve. What-they-are-asking-us-to-do"



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