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Penny Tration is the stage name of Tony Cody, a drag queen who participated on Season 5 of RuPaul's Drag Race. Penny was the Facebook fan choice, being voted by fans of the show to participate in the season. However, her run on the show was cut short when she landed in the bottom two on the first episode of the season. Penny lost the lip-sync against Serena ChaCha and was sent home.


"Hello boys!"

Drag Name Origin

Her original name was The Drag Queen Helga because she walked in looking like a Russian gymnast. There was a performer in Oklahoma who had the name trademarked and she was served a cease and desist order. She held a naming contest and the top three were Barb Wire, Penny Tration, and Heidi Salami. She went with Penny Tration because she couldn’t find another queen with the same name on the Internet.

Penny Tration is a play on the word "penetration", which means "the action or process of making a way into or through something". It is often used in a more sexual manner, to describe when a man inserts himself into a woman.

Follow Penny

  1. Penny's Facebook
  2. Penny's Instagram
  3. Penny's Website

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