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Mystique Summers Madison
Mystique Summers Maddison

Drag Name

Mystique Summers Madison

Real Name

Donté Sims


Bedford, Texas

Season Cast

Season 2


Episode 3

About Mystique SummersEdit

Mystique Summers Madison (Donté Sims) is a Drag Queen and makeup artist from Bedford, Texas.

Mystique was known for her makeup skills, for her splits on the stage and her fight with Morgan McMichaels on Untucked.

Mystique is now the spokesperson for the new weave line, "Papa Jade's Secret." 


Mystique was eliminated on the 3rd episode on Season 2 of Drag Race.

Mystique won the mini-challenge, which was to eat mysterious types of fried foods, (including chicken, rabbit, aligator and even cow-brains). Mystique was one of the first to finish their baskets full of food, which made her become a team captain for the main challenge.

The main challenge was to shoot a commercial in teams (Team Mystique and Team Morgan), for "Disco - Extra Greasy Shortening". Team Mystique got to the do the commercial for fried chicken. Mystique played a role as Granny, who cooked the fried chicken and was supposed to take charge in representing the Disco product. Mystique gave the weakest performance and apparently didn't listen and was hard to work with RuPaul and guest judge Kathy Najimy on the set.

Mysique lip-synched for her life to Raven, but lost and was sent home.

Memorable QuotesEdit

- During the Show

  • "Bitch I am from Chicago!" - Said during the fight with Morgan McMichaels on Untucked
  • "I love my two-piece and that Biscuit"
  • "Cheeseburger, Taco Bell and a Diet Coke on the side girl!" - referring to how proud she is of her size.
  • "I'm a flexible bitch that can drop it like it's hot!"
  • "I'm rich bitch!"

Fun FactsEdit

  • Mystique is originally from Chicago.
  • Mystique started doing drag as a dare by one of her friends.
  • Mystique first started saying "Two Piece and a Biscuit" during her casting tape for RuPaul's Drag Race.
  • Mystique is not afraid to tell you like it is, if you have something to say to her, she will reply right back on her facebook, twitter or Youtube account.
  • She now works at the Cabaret in Cincinnati, Ohio with Season 5 contestant Penny Tration. 

Follow Mystique SummersEdit

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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 2
Winner: 1st: Tyra Sanchez

Runner's-Up: 2nd: Raven & 3rd: Jujubee

Other Contestants: 4th: Tatianna, 5th: Pandora Boxx (Miss Congeniality), 6th: Jessica Wild, 7th: Sahara Davenport,
8th: Morgan McMichaels, 9th: Sonique, 10th: Mystique Summers Madison, 11th Nicole Paige Brooks,
12th: Shangela Laquifa Wadley

Judges: RuPaul, Santino Rice, Merle Ginsberg

Pit Crew: Emanuel Palmer , Max "The Body" Philisaire

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