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This is a list of items which have gained popularity throughout the seasons of RuPaul's Drag Race and RuPaul's Drag Race Untucked.

Amber Alert

Amber Alert was the name of the baby doll that Tempest DuJour 'gave birth to' during the first episode of Season 7.

Bob the Drag Queen's Purse


Frostula the Snow Ho

Gia's Eyelash

Jasmine Masters' Cocoon

Jasmine Masters' Cocoon refers to the tube shaped item Jasmine Masters initially came out in during the first episode of Season 7. The theme for the runway was nude illusion, and Jasmine explained to RuPaul that she will come out in a cocoon, then it will drop to reveal her runway look.

Jasmine's speech to RuPaul:

It's like a, a butterfly in a cocoon? So imma be like, some type of like a cocoon. Then imma grow, so as I'm walking down to the run-walking down the runway, I'm gonna grow. Cuz the butt-the butterfly is actually is in the cocoon, this is the cocoon. And which is me, the butterfly. You know like a butterfly is in a cocoon? Every step that I take down the runway, the, uh, butterfly inside is growing. So once it get revealed to the end of the runway, the Shoo, shoo!

Jasmine was rated as "Low" in this episode, which means she was one of the worst but did not place in the bottom two.

Jasmine Master's Cocoon Runway

Jasmine Masters' Cocoon Runway Reveal

La Transbear


Lil' Poundcake


The Brainchild of Alaska Thunderfuck 5000 and Lineysha Sparkx, Lil Pound Cake was created for season 5's 3rd episode mini challenge.

Lil Pound Cake made her return to the Drag Race runway in All Stars 2 (episode 4), as the "reveal" aspect of Alaska's Violet Chachki inspired look.


Ornacia refers to the plastic head Vivacious wore for her entrance look for Season 6. The plastic head, which Vivacious named "Ornacia", was placed on top of her actual head.

Vivacious later wore Ornacia to her first challenge, which was questioned by her other competitors.


Pink Furry Box

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