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Jaymes Mansfield is the stage name of James Wirth, a drag performer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She was one of the 14 queens to compete on the ninth season of RuPaul's Drag Race. She was the first queen to be eliminated and ended up finishing in 14th place. Like many of the stronger "first-out" queens of later seasons, Jaymes developed many devoted followers despite her minimal time on air. Myriads of her fans say they were captivated by her bubbly wit and expressed dismay at her elimination. A post-elimination video she posted to her YouTube channel received over 150,000 views in two days.

Some fans went as far as to criticize the so-called 'over-refinement' of later seasons of Drag Race for seeming to "prey" on on-camera nervousness. A trait that in itself, others added, is not a flaw. After her elimination, Tempest DuJour welcomed Jaymes to the "elite club" of first-outs on Twitter.

Indeed, the outpouring of support for Jaymes (just like that for Tempest and Kelly Mantle in the years before her) has lead to further fan speculation that it is often better to be a popular first-out queen that left audiences "wanting more," than a contestant eliminated second, third or fourth.


Season 9

"Hi shapeshifters!"

RuPaul's Drag Race

Season 9

In the first episode "Oh. My. Gaga!" , Jaymes was critiqued for being too shy and scared, and the other queens gently brought this to her attention. Jaymes was safe, as it was a non-elimination episode.

In the second episode "She Done Already Done Brought It On" , Jaymes once again struggled to come out of her shell and struggled with the table read, flubbing her lines and requesting to switch characters with Alexis Michelle. Jaymes landed in the bottom two for her performance and had to lip-sync to The B-52's hit "Love Shack" against Kimora Blac. Kimora was saved and Jaymes was unfortunately sent home first.

Jaymes Mansfield
Season Competed Season 9
Ranking: 14th
Mini-Challenges Won 0
Times as Team Captain 0
Main Challenges Won 0
Times In Bottom 2 1 (ep. 2)
Episode Eliminated Ep. 2

Memorable Quotes

  • "I auditioned for RuPaul's Drag Race because of many simple reasons, but the main one is I wanna kidnap the Pit Crew."
  • "I came in first!"
  • "Some dreams just aren't really meant for you."
  • "These are my summer diamonds. Some are diamonds and some are not."



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