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Farrah Moan is the stage name of Cameron Clayton, a drag performer from Austin, Texas. She is one of the 14 queens competing on the ninth season of RuPaul's Drag Race.


Season 9

"So this is what it looks like.."

Rupaul's Drag Race

Season 9

Episode one: "Oh. My. Gaga!"- For the main challenge, the girls had to compete in a charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent pageant, serving up a hometown look and a Lady Gaga look. For the hometown look, she did a beautiful red dress with a headdress, representing Las Vegas. She received negative reviews for not being "Las Vegas" enough. For the Gaga look, she chose Gaga's Alejandro music video look. She received negative reviews for hiding her small self, and not having a reveal. Despite that feedback, Gaga liked her makeup and poise.

Episode three: "Draggily Ever After" - The main challenge was to make a princess and a sidekick for it. Farrah struggled due to her not knowing how to sew. Fellow queen Eureka helped her hot glue some of her outfit to alleviate some stress. The other queens were critical of Farrah's lack of ability to sew, noting that the show had been running eight years, and she should know what to expect at this point. Farrah chose to do a mermaid underwater theme for her princess and sidekick. The judges didn't seem to like it because the blowfish she did was very 'distracting' and her outfit was comparable to a former queen's, Derrick Barry, outfits. It was described as "a piece of fabric wrapped around her waist." by guest judge Todrick Hall. Farrah was in the Bottom 3 and cried when she found out she was safe. In Untucked, many fans of the show were attacking Farrah due to Shea Couleé's statment, "Who's after Peppermint? Why ya'll acting brand new?". Farrah stated that she was listening to the lipsync song because she was 90% sure it was going to be her vs Kimora Blac.[1]

In episode five: Reality Stars: The Musical, Farrah was assigned the role of Kylie Jenner. She was negatively critiqued for not standing out and bringing personality to her role and was put in the bottom two against Cynthia Lee Fontaine. Due to Eureka being disqualified for medical reasons, they both stayed.


  • There's usually a feather or two or maybe five dead ostriches.
  • I don't sew.
  • That's my Vegas Sister, Kimora is gonna be known for that ass. I can see it having it's own t-shirts.


  • Cameron and vlogger Matthew Lush have tried dating but has not continued.
  • Cameron used to be a popular Myspace user under the name Cameron Ugh.
  • Cynthia Lee Fontaine helped Farrah get gigs early on in her drag career.


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