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Alaska Thunderfuck 5000, also known as just Alaska on the show, is the stage name of Justin Andrew Honard, an American drag performer who was runner up on Season 5 of RuPaul's Drag Race and winner of RuPaul's All Stars Drag Race (Season 2). Alaska's drag mother is Jer Ber Jones, who mentored Alaska when she moved to Los Angeles.

After auditioning for every season of the show, Alaska eventually was cast for its fifth season. Sharon Needles, winner of Season 4, was Alaska's boyfriend throughout her run on the show. Alaska placed as runner-up with Roxxxy Andrews to the season winner, Jinkx Monsoon.

Alaska is one of only six queens who never lip-synced for their life whilst on the show, but was in the bottom 3.

Alaska and Sharon Needles, winner of Season 4, were dating before both Sharon and Alaska were on Drag Race, and their relationship continued throughout their respective seasons. Eventually, Alaska and Sharon decided to break up, but they still remain good friends.


Justin studied Theater at the University of Pittsburgh. After graduation he moved to LA to get more acting jobs, and there she started doing drag professionally. He met Sharon Needles during a holiday break. He went back to Pittsburgh, and shortly after they met he moved back there.

Alaska was in a relationship with Sharon Needles for four years. During season four, Sharon explained that Alaska had auditioned for every single season of Drag Race, but that Sharon had made it through on her first try. Alaska later explained that while she was upset at first about Sharon's success, she decided it was better to be her biggest fan. They were announced as the drag race "royal couple" and "super couple" until Alaska and Sharon announced their separation on December 19, 2013, explaining that it was the best thing to do, and they are currently still friends. More information on their separation can be found here and here with Sharon saying, quote: “Due to the severe change not only in mine but Alaska’s life, the survival of our partnership relies on simply changing the word 'boy' in boyfriend to 'best.' And because of my severe vanity, I’d like to keep my social media as a place dedicated to my art, and not a place to talk about my personal life. RuPaul once said that people come into our lives for different reasons for different intervals of time. I will treasure the four years we had together.”

A little bit after season 5, she got addicted to drugs, but by the filming of All Stars 2, she was sober.

In 2014, she released her debut single, "Your Makeup Is Terrible". She released her debut album, entitled "Anus", in 2015.

In 2016, she released "Poundcake", her second album, which was supported by the lead single "Puppet".

She is a part of the American Apparel Ad Girls, alongside Courtney Act and Willam Belli.

Drag Name Origin

She was high with friends in college, and her friends were talking about the different strains that they had smoked in Amsterdam. Someone brought up Alaskan Thunderfuck and she decided that was going to be her drag name. She considers Jer Ber Jones to be her drag mother.

Memorable Quotes

  • HIEEEEE! (Season 5 entrance)
  • Are you red... e? for me?
  • I live for Chaz Bono... Chaz Bono came out of Cher's vagina.
  • Gurl, take it easy.
  • It is so good I just wanna spray it all over mah body right now.
  • Michelle Visage... You can take the girl out of New Jersey, but you can't keep the girl from giving blow jobs to homeless men along the New Jersey turnpike.
  • I knew Detox from a long time ago, and she knew Roxxxy for a long time ago, and we were just like friend and we needed a prescription drug for gagging so we called it Rolaskatox, I don't think it really hurt me but Michelle hated it and she called us Rolodex, I don't even know what a Rolodex is.
  • Down with communism.
  • Your makeup is TERRIBLE!
  • I'd like everyone to meet: Lil' Poundcake. Her catchphrase is "You're not my real dad and you never will be." Lil' Poundcake enjoys ridin' dirty and bein' a straight up motherf****n' d**** pig.
  • Alyssa... she's dressed like a businesswoman of the eighties who doesn't want romance without finance.
  • How do I feel about queens who've had plastic surgery? Jealous. If I had my way, my upper lip would look like THIS...
  • Detox, you're so seductive... Unfortunately it's illegal to do it with you because most of your parts are under eighteen years of age.
  • The season of the fish smells like trout.
  • Let's get all star-ted!
  • Anus-thing is possible.
  • My name is yours... What's Alaska?
  • "Greetings, my message for the human race is really quite simple... HIEEEEE!" (All Stars 2 entrance)


Album Title Release Date Album Cover
Poundcake October 14, 2016
Anus June 23, 2015


  • The T
  • Let's Do Drag(ft. Lady Red Couture)
  • Slaytina
  • Stun(ft. Gia Gunn)
  • Puppet
  • O, Brasil...
  • Come to Brazil
  • Diamond in the Rough
  • High
  • Chicken(ft. Miss Fame)
  • Race Chaser
  • I Invented That(ft. Jackie Beat)
  • It Is What It Is(ft. Nick Laughlin & Jeremy Mark Mikush)


  • Hieeee
  • Anus
  • Pussy
  • Beard
  • This Is My Hair
  • Nails- Piano Introduction(ft. Jeremy Mark Mikush)
  • Nails
  • Gimme All Your Money(ft. Laganja Estranja)
  • Everything Tonight
  • Best Night Ever
  • The Shade Of It All(ft. Courtney Act & Willam)
  • Legendary
  • Killer
  • Your Makeup Is Terrible


Follow Alaska

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  3. Alaska's Twitter
  4. Alaska's YouTube Channel
  5. Alaska's Website


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